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I started out like a lot of people do.  I bought one rental property and started managing it on my own.  For a while I thought, "one is enough."  But then I saw opportunities in the market and began accumulating an additional property every year or two. Many years later, I owned more properties than I ever imagined I would!  Through this process, I assembled  vast knowledge that only experience could bring about.


Before I knew it, I had friends and family asking me for advice, and even pleading with me to manage their properties for them.  They all saw that I had built a successful real estate business based on experience. There is just no replacement for hard-earned wisdom


Of course -- there were missteps along the way. Trial and error.  Learning things the hard way. This was part of the process and why I became so effective.  I want to share all of this with you so that you don't have to go through what I did.  I can give you a shortcut to success.  It's easier than you think!


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