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Realtor & Property Owner

Justine Syck

"Jeremy was such a huge help to me while managing my first rental property. He helped me feel secure in my investment because I had the proper paperwork backing me up! It is invaluable talking to somebody that has been successful for so many years in this business and who is willing to share the knowledge he gained throughout that time!"

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Multi-Property Owner

Alex Arezzini

“Navigating this industry can sometimes feel pretty chaotic, even if you’ve been doing it for years. Jeremy helped me through several tenant evictions and would-be major problems with my properties. His advice has helped smooth out my overall management scheme and new tenant procedure which has made my life a lot easier!”

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Property Owner

Patricia Hidalgo

"As a new landlord, it was important for me to have someone on my side who knew the market.  With experience and expertise, he guided me through the application process, sorting through several potential tenants.  He helped me to choose just the right tenant for my property."

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Property Owner

Jesse Johnson 

"My wife and I followed Jeremy's advice and found great renters for our property. As first-time landlords, this was scary, but Jeremy made it simple and easy. He gave us exact instructions on pricing our property, finding a renter, and getting documents signed. Thank you, Jeremy!"

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