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Our mission:  

To help you achieve success... On your own.

A lot of property management companies do a great job.  They give you the flexibility to own real estate but not have to deal with the day-to-day.  If you could manage your own properties, you could save yourself thousands of dollars per year in most cases.  The question is -- how hard is it to be your own property manager?  

15 years of owning residential properties in the Portland area has provided me experience, expertise, and self assurance on how to properly mange residential rental properties.  Over the years, I've made all of the mistakes that you can possibly make.  I have been through it all.  This has brought me to a streamlined, simple, and profitable approach that I now have and want to share.

My mission is to help you own properties and give you the confidence of being able to manage them on your own. Property Management companies are great!  If you are more comfortable using a professional company, believe me, I understand.   But not everyone needs it.  You can save those monthly profits for yourself.  You just need the right information.

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